My Papa


She was shattered beyond limits.Everything was fine between them.They had a happy married life.Then why..why she faced this fatal day in her life.Still she don’t know the reason why HE put such blame on her.What was her mistake?Lot of questions lingering in her mind but she had no answers.


  “Your Honor I don’t know why she did like this.We were happily married.But I Don’t know why she cheated meHE faked tears.She stood there shocked still trying to absorb what is happening around her.
Soon his lawyers showed some photos to the Judge.The court proceedings were going on..she was asked questions but she stood like a statue looking at him with painful eyes.

But HE didn’t even spare a look at her.But his one statement brought her back from shock “I don’t know my Lord whose child she is carrying.Mujhe nahi pata kiski gandha khoon hai woh Bast..“but he was cut by her thundering sound”BAS!!Bahout ho gaya…” she placed her hands above her abdomen “Don’t dare raise a word against My Child.You said that this baby is not your blood..haina?OK fine..I don’t want your bloody name for my child.Mujhe bhi yeh Divorce manzoor hai.I don’t want you anymore in our lives.Just Get lost…Get lost and don’t even try to come near me or my baby!!” her voice echoed the whole court.

And that day will never come because these DNA reports also state that that child is not mineHE said.Remaining proceedings were done and finally they got divorced.

Flashback Ends

She fell down crying.Where will she go when her Parents too were in support of her so called husband.She hoped that atleast her own parents would believe her.But no..sadly they didn’t even ask her for any explanation.They just blindly believed the photos shown by him.Now she is standing alone in this big world with her unborn baby.

She clearly remembered him saying that he will the best PAPA for their child and today it was him who called their child as a b******.She cried and cried..But none was there to wipe her tears.They just got washed away in the rain.

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MG OS:Geet aur uski…

 Maan had a very tiring day…credit goes to his first film in BollywoodWinkLOL.These days he was missing his Mishty very much.He was not able to give enough time to her. Mishty just her name gives peace.How much his life had changed after her arrival.She had filled his life with full of colours. Thinking of her,he started  his car and drove to KM.Maan came of from his Mishty’s land  by the constant ringing of his cell.Just seeing the ID a wide smile adored his lips.He parked his car at a side of the road and attended the call. Hello Mishty…missed you baby..Maan said huskily.But on the other side…Maan *sob* Maan *sob* plzz ghar jaldhi aa joo…plzzz Maan .Maan was shocked hearing his jaan crying. Mishty, shona… kya hua?tum ro kyun rahi ho…kya hua baccha…asked a worried Maan .Maan plzzz *sob* plzzz ghar jaldi aaoo and the call ended. First Maan was shocked hearing his jaan crying and over that the call ended abruptly.He was hell worried now.He drove the car as fast as he could and reached KM just in  few minutes.



           He rushed inside the mansion.Mishty…shonaaa..kahan ho tum?He ran like a manic.He searched  her everywhere and atlast he found her cuddled in the bed and sobbing.He rushed to her and cocooned her in his embrace .Instantly Geet hugged him and started crying.Maan don’t know what happened but he was worried seeing her condition.He just hugged her tightly and asked her Jaanu kya hua?? Umm…ro kyun raahi ho…taabaith to teek hai na …ro kyun rahi ho shona and he separated her from him and cupped her face.He kissed her forehead and said worridely shhh..shona ab rona bandh karo…chupp…  but tears were continuously flowing from her almond eyes.She just tightly held him.Maan panicked seeing her condition.She has not even uttered a single word.Maan ..woh…woh..she just pointed the her laptop and the started crying again.Maan thought ..laptop mai kya hai??use dhek kar yeh ro kyun rahi hai…  now he was confused.Shona..meri taraf deho toh..and once again he cupped her face kya hai laptop mai??bolo..aapni Maan ho nahi bathaoge..umm…Each and every second seeing her crying was killing him.Maan woh… woh… mar gaya Maan…and she started crying badly. Koun  mar gaya shona…TUMM!! And once again she hugged and cried .MAII???? asked a shocked  Maan.Geet yeh kya bol rahi ho tum…mai teri saamne baita hoon aur tum kahrahi hai ki mai mar gaya…saaf saaf  bolo..koi bad dreams dheka hai kya??Nahi Maan woh woh..she ran and took her laptop and showed it to him.Iss mai kya hai Geetu…Maan  *sob* isee padd ke dheko na and just kept the lappy on his lap and continued her job(sobbing)LOL



             Maan started reading it …Maan!!  aap hume chood k nahi jaa sakthe…utto Maan ..dheko Maan… ye dheko Maan…humari Musky…woh aapke bina nahi reh sakthi hai Maan…pls Maan  apne aanke kol ke dheko Maan ..aapki Geet aake bina nahi reh sakthi hai…aap jaanthi ho na..Maannn...Geet completely broke down and cried seeing Maan lying lifelessly… and he just closed the lappy.


             After closing it Maan gave a *what is this* look and his famous glare.Geet showed her puppy face and said Maan dheko na kya ho gaya ..usse mai tumhe Dev ne maar dalaa…and again tears started cascading her beautiful eyes.Geet yeh sab kya hai… tum sirf yeh story k liye itni roorahi thi ..pagal ho gaayi kya??from where did u get this to read??…asked Maan with his voice little raised…Maan how dare  you say it just a story…yeh kitne pyaari ff hai..meri fav bi hai…aapko kya pata humari ff k bhare mai…said Geet with a cute pout.Maan aapko pata much I am missing our GHSP…kitna pyaara tha na woh din…par who katam ho gaya…*sob*aapko pata hai kitne saare fans hume miss kar rahe hai *sob*…they think us a part of their life Maan. They are missing us soo much Maan…to keep us alive they are writing these beautiful stories…aur aappp…Maan left a sigh and said Misthy yeh sab kya hai…ok… ok sorry baba for shouting at u…tum ro rhi thi..u know na I can’t bear seeing u crying and he just wiped her tears…and kissed her cute cheeks.jao mai tum se kattii kattii katti…meri ff ko insult kiya na…said Geet and just turned her face.Maan got down from the bed and he knelt down..Mishty meri taraf dheko na..SORRY..plzzz.. pretty plzz…shona…dheko kaan pakad ke maafi maang raha hoon..ab toh maaf kardo…asked Maan cutely.


                 Seeing Maan like this a small cute smile adored her lips.Maaf kar deethi hoon…iss baar ok..par agli baar aisa kuch mat bola..teekhai??...asked Geet.Ok meri maa…dhaan rakoonga…and he just got up and hugged her.Mishty ek bath bolo..kabse ye chalraha hai..matlab reading stories like this??asked Maan.Maan thodi din pehale shuru kiya…ab meri shooting bi khatam ho gayi…so I am a free now…ghar pe akheli hoon na..bore ho rahi thi…one day accidentally I opened IF page…wahan maine humare naam ki thread dheka…phir mujhe pata chala yeh sab fans aise stories lik rahi hai…us din se I started reading .Maan saare ff,ss,os bahout acchi hai.Accha… asked Maan. Ha Maan.. superb stories hai sab…ek dham mast…Geetu totally kitne stories hai??and when you will complete reading??asked Maan…Geet started laughing…kitne stories…hehehe…Maan tu bi na…hehehe…uncountable number of stories hai…we can read for our whole life …uthni saare stories hai…said an excited Geet. Geetu you are telling that all stories are superb …par yeh kya hua…ussme hero mar gaya and coz of that u are crying chuckled Maan…then it struck him what he said…as these words escaped his mouth Geet started crying again. Maan’s heart: Maan yeh tu ne kya har diya??idiot ab dehko Mishty rona shuru kar diyaSorry..sorry sorry..Geetu baccha…dehkna in that story I will not die… Maan’s mind:Stupid u too started…what are you telling??Maan’s heart:Tu chup kar..meri Mishty ro rahi hai..i have to console her!! Maannn…this voice of Geet brought Maan back from his heart and mind battle.shhh..Geetu nothing bad will happen..ok…shhh ab raath bahout ho gaya ab soo jauand gently made her to lie down in bed.Par Maan …ussme…*sob* tumkoo…and hugged him shhh..jaan…kuch nahi hoga mujhe us story mai..ok??chalo ab fatafat soo jao…said Maan .He too just lay down with her and soon both slept…



                 Next morning…Maannn!!! Maannn…uttoo utooo naa…shouted Geet at the top of her lungs. Maan slowly opened his droopy eyes…Jaldi uttooo…Geet subha subha kyun itna shoor macharahiho??asked Maan with an irritated tone…Maann!! Meri hotty,cutey,sexy hubby …aaj mai bahout kush hoon and she just slammed her rosy lips with his perfect M shaped  lips. Maan was just shocked beyond words… Maan tum bach gaye …bach gaye.and gave another kiss on his cheeks…but still Maan was in shocked state…Maannn!! shouted Geet and this time too it worked Maan came back to the present.Mishty…mujhe kuch samaj mai nahi aaraha hai..tell it clearly now…mai bach gaya??asked Maan with a puppy face,oopps!! Maan mai bi na…us story yesterday I was reading na..u remember! us story mai u r not dead…hehehe!! That was a dream sequence…that author (mahiWink) na for giving us a shock cum surprise she wrote that part…that was dream of veer..hehe(Fate of the unfortunatesWink) and she continued laughing.Pagli kabhi nahi sudregi thought Maan and gave a kiss on her forehead…ab toh tum kush ho na??ufff…thank god us author ne mujhe maar nahi dala...thought maan ha Maan mai bahout bahout happy hoon..Maan  aaj u will not go for shooting na..plzzz…hum bhaar goomne jaayeenge..plzzz…Maan just nodded his head and gave a smile…Geet just got down from the bed but Maan pulled her with a jerk and said huskily…Mishty rooz us author ko na aise surprises dene k liye  bolo..tabi toh mujhe aise sweet kiss milegi and he wincked.Geet started to blush.Maan tum bi na..bilkul besharam ho gayi ho…phele Ram ki tarah thi par ab Krishna ki tarah naughty ban gaya…ab chodo mujhe ready hone do..and u too get ready soon and she just ran away from there.

                      Maan just got down from the bed… at that time Geet came at a tuffan speed and said..Maan mai tumhe batana bhool gayi…mai pregnant hoon…said Geet excitedly…KYA!!  Really??asked a surprised Maan. He just lifted her and twirled in the air.  Maannn  what are u doing??mujhe neeche utharooo…said Geet .Maan just brought her down …he just knelt down and kissed her tummy…my babyy!! and he got up and   kissed her forehead Mishty..thank u soo much I LOVE U Jaan!! Today I got the biggest happiness.. and he went on expressing his happiness.But Geet gave *what happened to him* look to Maan..Maan what r u telling…I am not able to understand anything!! said Geet who was totally confused .Geetu don’t act smartly abhi toh tum mujhe itne badi kushi kabar bola ,phir itne acting kyun?? asked a surprised Maan. Arrey buddhu…mai matlab mai nahi…us ff mai Geet hai na…who pregnant hai…har waqt mazak…ab chalo ready ho jau…mai aur pregnant hehehe…we are just 23(LOLWink) …come on Maan… she said coolly and went away Maan just want to bang his head somewhere…oh babaji…yeh Geet aur uski  ffs…Wink


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